Our beautiful library at White Bluffs Elementary is located at the top of the main stairs and features a gorgeous view overlooking our namesake White Bluffs in the Hanford Reach of the Columbia River.

We have everything from a reference book collection to online materials and more than 7,500 fiction, non-fiction, and picture book titles. 

Every class visits the library weekly to check out books and develop information literacy skills, including:

  • How to locate materials in a library 
  • How to use reference materials such as the dictionary, atlas, and almanac
  • How to effectively navigate online resources.  

We also talk about books, authors, special events and holidays, do book sharing, and other activities. 

Accelerated Reader

 The Accelerated Reader (AR) program helps students make good book choices by helping them identify which books can challenge and engage them.   Books in our library have been color coded to match the AR levels, so students can see at a glance which books are within their reading range.   
Many of our books have an accompanying AR quiz students may complete after reading a book.  The quizzes consist of five to 20 multiple response questions that identify important reading comprehension points of the book and sometimes vocabulary. These quizzes give students and teachers immediate feedback that can be used to help students improve their reading skills.