Drop Off & Pick Up

Safety is our top priority in our parking lots and the street before and after school. Please follow the following procedure when dropping off or picking up your child at White Bluffs:

  • The perimeter of the parent lot is for drop-off and pick-up only. Please be considerate of the many parents who are trying to drop off or pick up their children by not lingering in the perimeter. If you need extra time to say your goodbyes in the morning, please stop along Kensington to do this and then pull into the drop-off loop.
  • Always have children exit vehicles on the curb side of your vehicle to keep them away from traffic. Always encourage children to use the sidewalks when arriving and exiting campus. Never encourage your children to take short-cuts through the parking areas or J-walking. 
  • If you are entering the building, please find a parking space in the lot or along Kensington to leave your vehicle.
  • If you are in a parking space, please meet your child at the sidewalk and walk with them to your car. Children should never cross any parking lot to get to a vehicle without an adult with them.
First page of the PDF file: WBETraffic-4

Where Should My Child Line Up For School?

  • Area #1 (northwest corner of building): Line-up and pick up area for select first-grade classes, and second- and third-grade students.
  • Area #2 (immediately east of Area #1, next to classroom doors): Kindergarten line-up & pick up area. 
  • Area #3 (northeast corner of building on basketball court): Fourth- and fifth-grade & portable classrooms line up area before school.
  • Area #4 (rear/south side in center of building): Bussed students line-up and pick up area, select kindergarten and first-grade students line up by their classroom door.
  • Area #5 (rear/southwest corner of building, AM only): Kindergartners who ride the bus will line up here and be escorted around the building when the bell rings at 8:40 and delivered to their classroom.

White Bluffs Student Line Up Locations

Diagram showing where White Bluffs students should line up before school

White Bluffs Walking Route Map

WBE Walking Route Map